Core Restore Pilates Studio

Our studio is based in Table View, Cape Town and we run several classes per day during the week.

Back to Basics: This class is designed for those who have never done Pilates before or who would like to better understand the technique of Pilates in a beginner’s environment. It is also designed for those with injuries requiring a slower pace. In this class every move is broken down to its finest detail ensuring that the basic principles of Pilates are adhered to and understood to prevent further injuries and improve range of movement, flexibility and strength.

Beginners: This is a gentle class suitable for those who are comfortable with the technique of Pilates and can safely join classes in a group environment to complete a full hour of the beginner matwork syllabus.

Beginner/Intermediate: These are moderate classes and ideal for clients who are familiar and comfortable with the Pilates method, technique, principles and are ready to be challenged slightly more by adding variations, layers, progressions and small equipment.

Intermediate: This is a more intensified level of class to prepare the client to transition to an advanced level. The Pilates principles are followed using small equipment as well as adding further variations and progressions.

Intermediate/Advanced: This is a strong, intense class for clients who are comfortable and proficient with the Pilates repertoire and ready to take the next steps towards the full, advanced matwork set of exercises.


Pricing for Pilates:

Monthly Package:
1 class per week – R320
2 classes per week – R560
3 classes per week – R780

Pay As You Go Pilates Class – R90/class
Private Session – R300/session
Pilates Assessment – R250

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