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You deserve to be truly body confident,
inside and out.

~ Denise Louw, Founder of Core Restore & Mama Restore

A Truly Holistic Healing Experience!

About Denise

Release. Reconnect. Restore.
I am passionate about helping people connect to and restore their core. I want every client to become strong, fit and truly body confident inside and out.
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Core Restore
Pilates Studio

Come join us for a holistic body healing experience in Table View, Cape Town. Our pilates classes will assist with alleviating existing body ailments, such as backache, whilst strengthing your muscles and your core! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!
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Mama Restore
Holistic Healing

If you were hoping your tummy would return to it’s natural flat state a few weeks after pregnancy but are now left with an unattractive baby belly pooch, you could have a mummy tummy! Mama Restore offers a holistic healing approach to help you restore your body naturally after having a baby!
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