Denise Louw is the founder and owner of the brands, CORE RESTORE & MAMA RESTORE, with a long history of being in the health and fitness industry. At the tender age of 4 years old Denise started dancing lessons in the UK working her way to becoming a professional ballet dancer.

In 1980 Denise moved to South Africa, and after the birth of her children she trained in Cape Town with the ETA to become a gym and aerobics instructor and worked for a few years as the aerobic manager for the Health & Racquet Club. Trained to teach aerobics, step, body conditioning and aqua aerobics, Denise left to start her own business and opened a studio in Table View. Here she launched Callanetics classes, back and neck rehabilitation classes, children’s developmental classes and a walking for health programme. Denise moved back to the UK with her 4 children in 1999, and as well as working in the medical field as a product specialist in laparoscopic surgery, she qualified in Pilates Beginners, Improvers and Advanced, specific orthopaedic conditions, small equipment Pilates and vertical Pilates.

Driven by her own daughters’ experience of pregnancies and birth, and realising the lack of information about the journey of recovery in the postpartum period, Denise studied functional fitness in pre and postpartum women with the VTCT, a world class qualification. Recognising from her own experience of Diastasis Recti (separation of the midline) & frustration with her own recovery she went on to specialise in treating women with this condition. Denise has amazing success with this, as well as core restore of the pelvic floor; a brand-new concept revolutionising women’s wellness, fitness, and therapy education.

Passionate about empowering and educating both men and women of all ages to be the best they can be through movement, exercise, and a healthy mind body experience, Denise offers both in-studio classes, private and online programmes in all areas of her expertise.

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Hi, I’m Hayley, one of the instructors at the Core Restore Pilates Studio. My Pilates journey began in 2015 as a client, when I came to Denise, the founder of Core Restore, after sustaining a back injury. As a result, I had an extremely weak core, poor posture and chronic lower back pain.
Due to the nature of Pilates, I have been able to slowly rebuild my strength, maintain good posture in exercise, as well as in my daily life, and am now living pain-free once again.
Wanting to share this knowledge and be able to help others, naturally the next step on my journey was to obtain my qualification to become an instructor, obtaining a Distinction at the start of 2019.
In 2020 I launched the third branch of the Core Restore brand, Kidz Kore. I am passionate about teaching Pilates as part of the holistic development of children and young teens, and feel that the principles of this method should be instilled in us from as early an age as possible to prevent the problems we see in adulthood.
When I am not instructing Pilates, I am a keen hiker, beach lover, and all round lover of the outdoors.


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