Core/Mama Restore Class Descriptions

Core Restore Pilates

Back to Basics: This class is designed for those who have never done Pilates before or who would like to better understand the technique of Pilates in a beginner’s environment. It is also designed for those with injuries requiring a slower pace. In this class every move is broken down to its finest detail ensuring that the basic principles of Pilates are adhered to and understood to prevent further injuries and improve range of movement, flexibility and strength.

Beginners: This is a gentle class suitable for those who are comfortable with the technique of Pilates and can safely join classes in a group environment to complete a full hour of the beginner matwork syllabus.

Beginner/Intermediate: These are moderate classes and ideal for clients who are familiar and comfortable with the Pilates method, technique, principles and are ready to be challenged slightly more by adding variations, layers, progressions and small equipment.

Intermediate: This is a more intensified level of class to prepare the client to transition to an advanced level. The Pilates principles are followed using small equipment as well as adding further variations and progressions.

Intermediate/Advanced: This is a strong, intense class for clients who are comfortable and proficient with the Pilates repertoire and ready to take the next steps towards the full, advanced matwork set of exercises.

Mama Restore Fitness

Mama Fit for Birth: An hour class for expectant Moms at any stage of their pregnancy loaded with lots of information to empower you as you embark on the first steps to Motherhood. This is a fitness class designed with the pregnant woman in mind, to keep her safe whilst exercising, in a fun environment. The class is designed to meet the needs of preparing you for a reduced pain pregnancy with a focus on the pelvic floor so that you aren’t getting disrupted sleep going to the bathroom, to manage backache by learning how to really connect with your core through correct breathing and posture. The class also helps you to prepare for labour, delivery and a plan to support your journey to postpartum recovery. The class ends with some time for gentle stretching, relaxation so that you can leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Mama Restore: A postnatal recovery class designed to support a new Mom as she embraces the new era of Matrescence. The body is still recovering from the trauma of birth whether from a vaginal or c-section birth and we need to be aware of what the body went through during the pregnancy to slowly nurture it back in the postpartum phase. We believe in releasing the body in order to reconnect and then begin the process of restoring so that you can return to your usual sport or workout programme without risk of injury and pain free. A midline check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) will be done as well as a comprehensive questionnaire so that we can refer you to one of other healthcare providers if there any concerns as, we gently guide you back to be confident and ready to take on your new role as a strong Mama! We recommend that you only join this class after your first postnatal check-up between 6-8 weeks.

Mama & Baby:  A fun filled class where you can bring baby along with you as you meet other Mommies and their babies. We  understand that if you are on maternity leave you want to spend as much time as possible with your precious baby so this is a perfect class to come along and just listen and enjoy hearing other Moms share their experiences, it’s a bonus to exercise! We focus on the postpartum recovery and share relevant information to empower you with the knowledge to support your own journey to healing your body. As the class is dependent on our young clients it is recommended to also try at least one Mama Restore class where you can totally focus on yourself.

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