Mama Restore Programme

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A Holistic Healing Programme to Restore your Post-Natal Core

mummy tummy

The ideal vision you had of motherhood and the pressure of regaining your pre-birth figure has probably diminished as you ride the rollercoaster of post natal hormones, sleep deprivation and coping as a new Mom.

You may have come to a point where you realise it isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and roses and are having moments of uncertainty, resentment and guilt, and are feeling increasingly self-conscious about your post-baby body. Your body has adapted and changed in more ways than you could’ve imagined during your months of pregnancy. It’s both a physical and emotional struggle and it takes time to heal from this enormous process, whether you had a natural or c-section delivery. You may also be suffering from diastasis recti (1 in 3 woman do after pregnancy!) and this alone will affect your core restoration and your ability to achieve a flat stomach. As part of my Mama Restore Programme I will teach you how to take control of your healing process by integrating daily practices into your schedule to make sure that your body heals quickly and that you avoid any further stress on your post-preggy body. By doing the correct exercises (no planks or crunches please!), it is possible to regain your core strength and pre-baby flat tummy. Remember – the hormone relaxin (which relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis during pregnancy) can stay in your body up until you’ve weaned your baby.

Price List

Mama Restore Diastasis Recti:

Full 6-week programme including 6 sessions with Core Restore founder Denise Louw in the studio, all course material and goodie bag plus take away personalized folder with tailored homework and bespoke strategy plan.

R2400 Studio Programme
Mama Restore at home:

Denise Louw will come and train you in your own home with the full 6-week programme as defined above. This for a 10km radius from Table View, any visits beyond this will be charged at the AA rate per kilometer.

R3300 Home Programme


Mama Restore / Diastasis Recti:

Pay as you go session in the studio without the course material but including homework programme.

R450 per session in the studio or R600 per home visit.
Mama Restore Online Programme:

Online sessions lead by Denise Louw, access to exercise videos with instructions, all documents supporting the learning and homework exercise plan.

From R899 depending on package.
C-Section Recovery:

A 2 hour once off session with Denise Louw, founder of Mama Restore including material, training and education and hands on treatment and exercise programme to enhance recovery.

R1000 – or for a home visit please add an extra R500


Mama Fit for Birth Class:

R125 per class

R500 a month for one class a week payable in advance.

Pay as you go drop in class R150

Mama Restore Class:

R125 per class

R500 a month for one class a week payable in advance.

Pay as you go drop in class R150

Mama & Baby Class:

R80 per session

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Release. Reconnect. Restore.

We RELEASE the tension in your body.
We RECONNECT with your muscles.
And we work to RESTORE strength and stamina in order to recover.


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After completing the online programme you will:

  • Understand why your body looks and feels the way it does and what you can do to start feeling like you again
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to engage your deep abdominal muscles to achieve a flat stomach, accelerate healing and shed the ‘mummy tummy’ look
  • Develop proper breathing techniques to enable you to stay calm and grounded by utilising the entire core – including your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Learn how to self-correct your own posture whilst standing, sitting and driving to prevent unnecessary aches and pains
  • Understand the importance of posture and neutral alignment and know how to connect with your tummy muscles during everyday activities (like lifting your baby, hanging laundry) to help speed up your healing process
  • Reconnect and heal your pelvic floor to ensure that it is working optimally to avoid leaks and stress incontinence when you cough or sneeze


Coming soon:

  • Learn how to perform self massage and release techniques that are crucial for a speedy recovery
  • Understand the importance of managing stress with restorative exercises, sufficient sleep and nutrition
  • Understand that what you eat is a major factor in how well your body heals and know which foods to eat more of during the weeks to follow
  • BONUS: If you live in Cape Town you can work on a one-to-one basis with Denise and leave with a manageable strategy and bespoke exercise programme tailored to your own personal needs and requirements to deliver the results that you’re looking to achieve

For Mom’s of all ages!

Even if you had your baby a few years ago, if you are concerned about still having a mummy tummy or signs of stress incontinence, it’s not too late.

The Mama Restore Programme will determine if you have diastasis recti and using my holistic healing techniques we will work out a manageable strategy to Release, Reconnect and Restore your body back to health, and of course, get your confidence back.

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Feedback from clients:

I immediately saw results after just one week of the programme and I went from quite a gap to almost no gap at all in the month. ~ Staci Brits

Now when I exercise I know exactly what moves to avoid in making the diastasis worse and what moves to do to bring my muscles together to close the gap. ~ Chantalle Senekal

Denise is very loyal and your are not just another number for her, you are her client and she cares.~ Maura McDuling

I liked her confident warm manner and her understanding from a medical and physiological approach made her seem more like a body scientist than just a trainer. ~ Heléne Fischer

Much to my amazement within 3 weeks of proper training my “gap” went from 3cm to 1cm with very good tension in the muscles. ~ Chelain Sawyer

I still continue to do the exercises not only for my core but also as a relaxing technique after a hard day.~ Tracy Dale


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