Mama Restore Introductory Programme Modules 1 & 2

This is our flagship Mama Restore Introductory Programme, which includes Module 1 & 2 as well as BONUS content!

Module 1 – Video & written instruction on “Posture & Breathing“, which is a fundamental foundation to reconnect with your core. You should not underestimate the importance of this knowledge, as without it, you will not achieve as good a result. You will learn the importance of “Core Synergy” which is engaging your core muscles with the power of breath.

Module 2 – Video & written instruction on “TVA & Pelvic Floor Activation“
TVA stands for Transverse Abdominis which is your deepest lying abdominal muscle – important for core stability. The pelvic floor works with the TVA and is important for continence and holding up all the internal organs in the pelvic bowl and improves your sex life!
Denise explains & demonstrates the techniques you will use to begin to activate and reawaken these muscles! With daily practice of these techniques, you will strengthen your core, improve continence and tone & tighten your pelvic floor muscles!


Exercise Workout One -use the knowledge you learn in Modules 1 & 2 to preform some simple core strengthening exercises.

How to check for Diastasis Recti – preform a self check on your body to see if you may be suffering from a separation of the midline.


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