I know, I can hear what you’re saying, the only one taking control of me right now is a 6 kilo infant – the latest joy of my life! In my previous blogs we spoke about the 4th trimester, the post natal healing process and the influence that the hormone relaxin has on our bodies, and then the knowledge of starting to exercise and how to build a strong core as your foundation to a better looking stomach and avoid the “Mummy Tummy” look!

The person who knows best is; surprise surprise YOU! Yes only you know how you are feeling and what works around your schedule and time commitments. Also remember that each baby is different and what works for one new Mom may not work for another so you need to TAKE CONTROL and gather all the information that you need to work on getting back into shape (which can actually take 9-12 months!) You heard right there and what I am actually saying is that it takes 9 months to carry a baby then another 9-12 months to get back into shape, and once you have that in mind it makes it easier to plan your weight loss journey.

Getting started

First you need to eat right and keep well hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. Rather go for quality nutritious food than grab what is easy and close at hand. I know how easy it is to live on tea/coffee with biscuits and rusks and how many of us have done just that. When your window of opportunity to do something for yourself is so small once baby is asleep (which seems to be only minutes) and by the time you have showered they are awake again and your needs are put to one side! Think about investing in a juicer as you can have a lot of vitamins in one glass! Try and do small things at a time like master your breathing and posture and get fresh air by taking walks with the baby.

So what does a timeframe of 1-12 months look like?

First Month

Forget about your weight and get to know your baby as you will have already lost some weight purely by giving birth and there will be plenty of time to lose the rest later.

Second Month

As your body is still recovering this is the time to concentrate on eating well and start non-strenuous walking with your newborn to really bond.

Third Month

By now you would have had your 6-8 week check-up and been given the all clear to exercise again which needs to be done slowly and you can expect fitness levels to come back before the body size depending on your level of fitness before becoming pregnant. You can increase the walking programme now still with baby! Check for Diastasis Recti (watch my video)!

Fourth Month

This is the time when the Relaxin hormone starts to diminish and a great time to join post-natal classes and build your core strength alongside the walking or if you can’t attend classes do your own exercises at home as long as they are appropriate and with someone qualified in this area.

Fifth Month

After this time you are almost starting to feel like a human being again so is a good time to really start to add more vigorous and regular exercise into your life.

Sixth Month

Amazing things happen around this time as this is when your baby settles into a routine, well that is until the first tooth comes along! Jokes aside, while baby naps squeeze in exercise – just get down and do it, you’ll be done before they open their eyes, remember it is about quality not quantity.

Seventh Month

Now you are really cooking and feeling pretty good as you’ve got this Mommy thing nailed, keep a routine of exercise going, core strength training as well as cardio, so that you get your blood pumping, reduce stress and help you run around an increasingly mobile baby!

Eighth Month

If you really need to jog then this is the month to get started and as long as the paediatrician says it is ok to take along your baby in a jogging specific stroller go for it!!! This will allow you to be a Mommy as well as exercise fanatic!

Ninth Month

As a general rule nine months in and nine months out is what people talk about, but let’s be realistic, you are still trying to be a Mom and the weight will have started to shift but you will probably not be back in your pre baby jeans just yet. However you would have made progress and done it in a safe, controlled way. It will be easier to focus on yourself and continue working on your body now that your baby is older and you are both getting along a bit better.

Looking forward to have you join me again in our “bounce back from baby blogs” from Core Restore, please share this blog if you enjoyed it.

Yours in health, Denise

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