Well, here we are again following on from my last blog about separation of the midline alias diastasis recti. This time talking about real life case studies and where better to start than with my own family!

Twins Causes Postnatal Tummy Gap

My eldest daughter has three children but her second pregnancy was twins so no surprise that she developed separation of the midline. Hey the good news was that I was studying pre and post natal Pilates so had an idea of what to look for! Luckily for my daughter in the UK they routinely check for after you have delivered your baby. They give you advice on what exercises to do and what not to do. Although it does help having guidance on how to do them plus make the time as we all know how difficult that is when you are struggling to cope with being a new Mom!

Mom on the case!

After the twins my daughter had a 4 finger gap at the midline so we got to work and she became my first guinea pig lol!  She really enjoyed a massage where we released all the tension and trigger points at the borders of her diaphragm, pelvis and between her ribs. Her body took a battering carrying two babies and this release enabled the midline to close more efficiently. Then we started the simple exercises to breathe properly, activate and strengthen the TVA (transverse abdominis), strengthen the pelvic floor. We corrected her posture and alignment which had been compromised by the pregnancy. All this gradually closed the tummy gap and helped flatten her tummy although it does take commitment and making an effort to do the exercises daily. I was around so there was plenty of nagging from me! If you are serious about getting your figure back you have to take control, understand your body and commit to doing the exercises daily. It only takes about 15 minutes a day which most new Moms can manage with some juggling priorities. Even better is to exercise while you are pregnant with a qualified instructor and prevent the tummy gap in the first place!

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Yours in health, Denise x

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