Weeks 8-12 taken from my pregnancy journal


After two natural births that were quick and relatively pain free I really wanted to try for a home birth, I had to talk my husband around as he couldn’t understand why I would opt for that when I could get a couple of days in the clinic getting pampered and be in a safe medical setting. I couldn’t be persuaded and once he thought it through agreed it would be nice and he would support me.

Mom in labour

Next step was to find a midwife as we didn’t have the luxury of Google those days it was just a case of asking friends and good old fashioned word of mouth! I was lucky to get the name and number of a lovely midwife in the Southern Suburbs so I made an appointment and with the entire family in tow off we went to meet her.

At the first appointment I realised that I wanted her to deliver my baby, she made me feel safe and answered all my questions. At that first meeting she put a Doppler on my stomach and we all heard the heart beat for the first time, that was a very special and magical moment.


When I told my GP that I had found a midwife and was planning a home birth she was surprisingly supportive about the whole arrangement. We did all the routine blood tests and got an estimated delivery date of the 23rd April, the blood results showed that I was slightly anaemic which would explain the tiredness and wanting to crawl into bed at every opportunity, hopefully that will improve now I am on iron and vitamin tablets.

vitamins, pills and tablets

vitamins, pills and tablets


I feel lucky not to feel any sickness but I feel so tired and struggle to teach the high impact aerobics classes so sticking to low impact and step. Loving getting bigger boobs but not the expanding waistline! Gone off red wine, chocolate, coffee, garlic, fatty foods but craving salad, fruit, cheese and milk. I find my appetite has decreased and I can’t eat big meals which is maybe a good thing lol!




Still early days but got a name book out of the library, yes…. we actually got our information from those places back then, (this is making me feel like a dinosaur), the agreeing on a name looks like it is going to be difficult, that’s all I’m saying! Tried the old wives’ tale of swinging a wedding ring over the top of my stomach to determine the sex but couldn’t make out if it made a circle or went to and fro so not sure yet.



I have several books to read, some from the midwife and some from the library which will keep me busy. I am watching what I eat, sticking to low fat, high fibre, the iron tablets have helped so feeling great. Bought some tonic from the health shop and almond oil to rub on my tummy and boobs. Still drinking tea and trying to cut down so bought camomile tea as a healthy substitute.


Teaching step, low impact but super challenge or combo classes as stomach starting to feel tight and also experiencing lower abdominal pain probably due to ligaments stretching. Check up with the Dr and everything is fine, blood count coming up, feeling good but why oh why am I so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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