Weeks 13- 20

Taken from my pregnancy journal

Well, what can I say I just feel fat and frumpy, this baby doesn’t feel real to me at the moment, although my waist is thicker and general shape changing I can’t believe that I am pregnant. Luckily for me no morning sickness – so happy about that as you hear terrible stories!

Preggie Diary

Hoping for some signs of movement, get the odd flutterings rather like butterflies dancing in your tummy but not getting too excited about it as could just be wind!

Went to a sale at N1 City and bought a pram amazing how being pregnant can make you excited about that, came home and fiddled with all the knobs and bits on it, practiced putting it up and down and wheeled it round the house feeling rather chuffed with myself. Also bought a baby bath, changing mat and bouncing chair, I know it’s early days but a woman can’t resist a sale.


I am the bitch from hell at the moment with roller coaster emotions, my poor husband- I am a nightmare to live with and getting lots of headaches, although they usually go if he massages me as I won’t take anything for them. Working full time at the moment so the long hours are getting me down as I feel so tired plus running around with three other children sometimes I am exhausted.

Maternity leave- now that’s a dilemma in South Africa they just don’t give you enough, I can have 3 months in total one month before my due date then two months after but somehow I can’t see myself going back to work when the baby is still only 8 weeks old. We have chatted about it and I could freelance and lecture and be at home with the baby but the insecurity of it worries me a great deal.

Good news is that I am extremely happy with my choice of midwife and Dr, I feel very confident in their care and with my choice of a home birth we are all excited about it now.

Our scan date is due so pleased, had a routine GP check up and everything is ok and generally starting to feel much better and not so tired although still no signs of movement. We both went along for the scan, how exciting to see your baby up on the screen. The size and length of the baby is all ok and we saw all the major organs plus the skeletal system. We tried to catch a glimpse of what lay between it’s legs so we could see the sex of the baby but every time it would cross the legs so we decided we don’t want to know and will wait for a surprise!ultrasound

One spanner in the works is the scan showed a very low lying placenta which was forwarded to my Dr who called me later to inform me about the complications of this condition and advised me to see a gynaecologist and re consider a home birth as a c section may now be necessary! Gutted- I know you should always be open for a changing  birth plan but my heart was set on a home birth I am devastated. I am trying to get my mind round this and called the midwife to update her but she reminded me that mine and the baby’s health must come first, got an appointment to see Dr Peter Roos at Vincent Pallotti just before Christmas so let’s see what he has to say!

More bad news due to the low lying placenta I have to reduce my classes and stick to body contouring and aqua aerobics no more step or low impact aerobics… double gutted and frustrated things are NOT going to plan for my home birth.

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