Ok so now I am starting to get much bigger and finding a comfortable position to sleep in is difficult without the aid of LOTS of pillows. Baby also doesn’t like some positions and kicks quite violently just to let me know they don’t appreciate it! I am using two huge continental pillows which during the night end up all over the place so two of us are not getting much sleep now.


Still teaching but down to aqua and stretch classes, I enjoy getting in the water to teach aqua and baby seems to enjoy it as he/she doesn’t kick as much. I am feeling unfit as quickly getting so out of breath also getting Braxton Hicks contractions – how exciting body is warming up! Quite pleased with myself as so far only gained 7.5 kilos and given the restrictions of the placenta previa trying to stay relatively fit. I am on tummy having not picked up weight on my face, legs or arms some say that means a boy and we still can’t decide on any names whether for a boy or girl!

I had another scan at 32 weeks and so thrilled as the placenta has by some miracle lifted so baby is lying head down with its bottom under my ribs and legs to my left side. It is amazing to watch your baby on the screen and according to the Dr already quite a fattie and just under 2 kilogrammes. We were also told you had amazing calves which made us laugh- no wonder you can kick so hard! As tempting as it was we didn’t ask what sex you were although the Dr could see and she just smiled so we are none to wiser which is good as I would hate to know before you were born as long as you are healthy is all that matters.


After the scan, we went back to see Dr Roos and everything is progressing nicely and if the placenta stays out of the way and you remain head down you may get born naturally after all. The bedroom is organised and ready, your Moses basket with the embroidery anglais quilt and bumper looks like a picture out of a story book, we just ned you to fill it! My Mum and Dad arrive on March 21st and I go on maternity leave at the end of March- hooray!!!!

At 35 weeks, I have now had my midwife appointment and spent an hour discussing all the finer details of what sort of birth I would have now that the placenta has shifted only bad news is that I have diastasis recti which means the midline has separated because I wasn’t getting up and down properly so log rolls here we come!

Wow baby you certainly are a mover and cause havoc when you do as you kick non-stop and are always on the move making sleep very difficult, the only consolation is that I know when you are kicking you are ok! I can’t wait to stop working now as I feel wear and ready to take it easy. So, glad that my parents are here because I can get lots of rest as once you arrive I know that you will keep us all on our toes. Everything is ready the only thing left to do is pack a bag either for the hospital or home birth, I know it’s an old wives’ tale but did the ring test over my tummy and it indicated a BOY!!!!!

Next blog weeks 37-40 weeks Getting Closer To The Big Day!

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