Getting Closer

Well on the 2nd April I went back to see the midwife at 37 weeks and everything is going smoothly, my urine test was normal, weight gain fine and the midwife can get four fingers below my ribs which means that the baby has dropped although the head is not engaged as yet. I heard your heartbeat and it seems quite fast which could indicate a girl? I don’t need to see the midwife again until I go into labour as I am so well and healthy which is a good sign.The midwife went through all the signs of labour and when to call her plus she gave me a list of what to have ready for the home birth.

Midwife checking and measuring a pregnant mothers belly.Concept photo of childbirth, pregnancy, postpartum period,midwifery and pregnet woman lifestyle.

I had a surprise baby shower which was lovely although my Mom battled to get me there as I wanted to clean the house,really trying to feather my nest at the moment and having a cleaning frenzy ! I have had some contractions which are strong enough to wake me up at night and give your Dad enough of a fright to eventually pick up the birth and pregnancy book I took out from the library.I am feeling excited about the labour and birth as well as nervous because after two deliveries I know what to expect!

The birth basket is packed, all your clothes and bedding are washed and ready and we have shopped for everything we need. I have been to the Department of Manpower to claim my maternity cheque and now all is in place we will rest and wait. Your Grandad and Nanny are here helping me and we are having the wettest winter here in Cape Town since 1951 which is a shame since they have come all the way from the UK to more wet weather!

Your Dad and I went for a final check up with the gynae and he reconfirmed that everything is fine and going ahead for a normal delivery at home which I am so thrilled about. Every day that passes I wonder when you’ll come, it’s exciting all this waiting although I must confess that at 40 weeks I am tired of being pregnant and having my tummy on my lap. Your whole family is anxious to have you out of your cosy womb so that we can finally hold, touch and marvel at how you grew inside of me! It must be getting very cramped inside as you are not as active as you were but at least we can both rest for a while. To my darling baby let’s work together to get you out as naturally and peacefully as is possible- you have a lovely family waiting for you on the outside. PS I am so looking forward to seeing my toes again! Love Mommy 19th April 1993

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